Amma says, “Children, we should visit the homes of the poor, orphanages and hospitals from time to time. We should take our family members along and offer assistance and look after the welfare of the inmates. A word spoken with love and concern will give them more comfort than any amount of money. That will lead to the expansion of our hearts as well.”

As part of our school exhibition, the Amritam Club presented a food court with a variety of delicious homemade dishes prepared at home by students of classes VII and VIII. The members decided to offer the amount they collected through the above activity to charity. Keeping Amma’s words in mind, they first visited our needy neighbour Mr. Rajesh, who is suffering from kidney failure and is the sole income earner in the family. On December 4, 2017, representatives of Amritam Club along with students handed over some essential items such as vaporizer, blanket, flask, etc. to his mother. It was one of the happiest moments for the children.

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