Amma has emphasized the importance of kirtan today.

“To gain concentration in this age of materialism, bhajan is easier than meditation. By loud singing, other distracting sounds can be overcome and concentration can be achieved. Bhajan, concentration and meditation, this is the progression.”

Keeping this in mind, our school bhajan group started practicing bhajans under the guidance of our music teacher, Mrs. Prema C.

On November 11, 2017, in connection with Mannarasala Ayilyam, our school bhajan group got a golden opportunity to perform bhajans at the Mannarasala Nagaraja temple. This was a great privilege for our students, as they have been able to perform bhajans at this temple for the past two years. They presented about 10 bhajans praising Lord Vinayaka, Devi, Nagaraja, Krishna, Lord Muruga and Lord Shiva. As it was during the Ayilyam festival, it was a great experience not only for our students but also for the spectators who had gathered there.


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