Bhajan at Thattarambalam Saraswati Devi Temple

In association with Navaratri festival, our students got the opportunity to perform bhajans at Thattarambalam Saraswati Devi temple on September 28, 2017. As it was during festival time, a huge crowd was present. Our students began with a Saraswati Devi stuti followed by Ganesha stuti. More than 10 bhajans were sung by our group praising deities such as Lord Shiva, Devi, Lord Krishna, Lord Muruga, etc. The performance was a very different experience for the people of Thattarambalam. They were very pleased and congratulated the students. They also thanked the school for arranging the programme at the temple. The Devaswom members promised to give us the opportunity to perform bhajans again during the occasion of Saptaham.


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