Keeping amma’s words in mind (quoted below) and with Amma’s grace, the Amritam Club flagged off this year’s activities with ‘A Handful of rice and pulses’ programme on July 28, 2017. As there were many holidays in the month of June due to flood and strikes, we started working only in July. Rice, pulses and other items like soap, toothpaste, milk powder, etc. were collected from students after the morning assembly. The school head boy and head girl, house captains and vice-captains supervised the programme. The items collected were later handed over to the poor and needy under their guidance.

“Children, we are told to make an offering at the temple or at the feet of the guru, not because the Lord or guru is in need of wealth or anything else. Real offering is the act of surrendering the mind and the intellect. How can it be done? We cannot offer our minds as they are, but only the things to which our minds are attached. Today our minds are greatly attached to money and other worldly things. By placing such thoughts at the feet of the Lord, we are offering Him our heart. This is the principle behind giving to charity.” -Amma

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