From the beginning of this academic year, our school has been conducting Karthika pooja every month on the day of Karthika. The first Karthika pooja was conducted on June 22nd by one of our teachers, Ms. Jayakumari C.R., and the second one on July 20th by a team of teachers, Mrs. Ashadev, Miss Sithara, Mrs. Remya O. Nair, Mrs. Remya Mohan and Mrs. Dhanya Murali. The third Karthika pooja was conducted on August 16th by Mrs. Sunitha Ajayakumar. Each pooja is dedicated to one class. On this day, the whole school chants Ashtotharam and Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. “Archana” is also done and Prasad is distributed to all students and staff. The poojas are sponsored by our staff.


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